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Memory, Experience, Perception.

Three determinants of our inference of the world.

Each defines the deception of our choices.


What happens when this deception is exposed?

When memory is re-worked, experience is re-written, 

and perception is altered?


Who are we, if not the consequence of our choices?

About the Exhibit

Anumana: An evocation of choice was an immersive exhibition that picks up and elaborates on themes that its predecessor ‘Dark Perception’ explored. The word Anumana translates to inference, this exhibition links the philosophy of inference to the idea of choice. Using immersive installations and evocative photographs, Anumana creates the path of choice and no choice, both exploring the reaction of the human mind to the idea of choice and the idea of compulsion.

At the beginning of the exhibit, the viewer is asked to make a choice between the path of choice and the path of no choice. This choice determines the sequence and way in which each person views the exhibit.

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